Bionic Butterfly is the flagship product line of Bionic Biotech Inc. The reason for this glaringly different name is because the team that brought this together strongly believes in both the Beauty of NATURE and the Precision of SCIENCE. While we strive at all times to keep our products as close to 100% natural as possible, we do add a dash of good clean science from time to time.

This is why we often use the tagline The Best of Nature with a Dash Of Science. Our products make a difference because we care to make a difference. We got tired of seeing competitors putting out inferior and sometimes dangerous products. So while they went LOW and fight in price wars and misrepresentation on their labels, We decided to go HIGH and focus on Efficacy, Purity and most importantly of all …. our customers well being.


We truly take nature’s best and then go the extra mile to make sure as many people as possible can enjoy our world class Pharmaceutical Grade Products. Even though it costs us more to do so.

Great products sourced from the United states with superb Free delivering to your UK doors.

What is CBD

What is CBD

The CBD Wellbeing Shop is the number one place catering superbly for your everyday wellness, fitness and overall wellbeing needs. CBD Wellbeing Shop does not only provide the supplements that make you feel absolutely fantastic; they also lead the way in providing top-quality supplements for your pets. So when it comes to wellness, they have got both you and your pets well and truly covered. The CBD Wellbeing Shop is an excellent place to get all the CBD supplements you will ever need. Check out their website now to view their extensive product range which have been meticulously designed to maximise the benefits of high-quality CBD.

The team behind the website keenly embrace innovation and take great satisfaction in producing new products and supplements for the online marketplace. Products available to purchase immediately range from CBD oils to CBD capsules, as well as the incredible CBD Water which is one of their latest inventions and of course CBD products for pets to make them feel better than they have ever felt before.

Most pet owners are already seeing the wonderful effects of adding CBD supplements to their pet’s diet, and the CBD Wellbeing Shop team are devoted to investigating how to make these effects even better. Many of the fantastic supplements sold on the website are exclusive to them and not available from any other suppliers.

The amazing CBD supplements made available to the public by the team have remarkable effects on users. They regulate, support, preserve and encourage a balanced stress level, a positive mood, and a general feeling of wellbeing. They healthily decrease stress helping you to unwind naturally and give you the perfect mindset to deal with whatever comes your way.

The website is exceptionally user-friendly and very easy to navigate, making it a piece of cake to find and swiftly purchase whichever supplement you require. With the team planning to introduce even more fabulous products over the coming months they are without a doubt the perfect CBD shop for you – try them today, you certainly won’t be disappointed.

What is CBD oil? What are the benefits of CBD? How does CBD work? This is The Inside Story of Cannabidiol about the benefits and physiological effects of CBD on the human body. A couple of years ago a remarkable thing happened when CBD oil became legal in all 50 states. If you remove CBD from the THC coming from the cannabis plant or the hemp plant, CBD oil is now legal to use as a nutritional supplement. Since that time of course, the market for cannabis oil has exploded with interest. Truly, CBD is not just another nutritional supplement. This short conversation is going to describe the intense scientific research that is going on around the world on the benefits of CBD, or cannabidiol, and why it is so important for human physiology.

clip from AMA Regenerative Medicine & Skincare



Cannabidiol Life Water or CBD Water is one of our latest creations and we are still getting our labeling down pat. We will be providing an on-the-go option where you can mix it with water and will also provide a water bottle option.

Enjoy this water on-the-go to hopefully alleviate symptoms of inflammation, pain and other ailments that affect your day-to-day routine. Our CBD water is popular with athletes as the water replenishes the H2O needed in the body and the CBD has shown to help soothe aches and swelling from workouts.  As we all know, oil and water do not mix, so we do not mix our water with CBD oil, our lab breaks down the CBD into tiny Nano-particles to infuse with the water. This method lets CBD enter your body from the first sip.

Water-soluble CBD is not the same as buying CBD isolate and adding it to water, so please don’t assume it is as easy as that. We would, however, recommend that you give our CBD Life Water a try and see if it works for you as well as it does for us!

Cannabidiol Life CBD Water is produced from the highest quality industrial hemp in Colorado. Features:

  • 8 oz triple filtered pure spring water
  • 15 mg of water-soluble CBD
  • Perfect for morning, afternoon, and evening for all-day hydration
  • Cannabidiol Life Water quenches thirst and aids in keeping your body perfectly relaxed throughout the day



Made from 100% Organic Source

Cannabidiol Life’s collection of all natural and organic skincare products should not be overlooked, especially if one is serious about not compromising on quality. We go to great lengths to offer you the finest & best ingredients in our CBD skincare and topical line.



$14.95 – $69.95


In this CBD wax overview, we will be covering the following topics:

What Are CBD Skin Care Products? | What Do They Do For Your Skin? | What To Know Before Buying | Summary & Final Thoughts


CBD skincare products provide an optimum balance of essential fatty acids and omega 3 to the skin. They also provide Vitamin E, Behenic acid, which hydrates the skin while enabling it to maintain an even color, and GLA. Studies have shown that cannabinoids are important for the maintenance of a healthy functioning of the endocannabinoid system. This is an in-built system that plays a significant role in balancing the skin. And, when the skin is balanced, it is blemish-free and smooth with the right moisture levels. A balanced skin is also capable of resisting abnormal cellular changes which lead to redness, pimples, oiliness, and dryness. Natural CBD skin care products like CBD skin creams, CBD skin balms, CBD butter, and CBD facial creams keep this important system operating in a normal, healthy manner. 


CBD is a strong cannabinoid that is found in hemp plant. It is non-psychotropic and it has been proven effective in improving the symptoms of conditions like anxiety, nausea, and pain. Studies have shown that CBD is anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antispasmodic, anti-cell proliferation for the bad cells, and cell regenerative.

When applied topically, CBD gives the user more localized benefits without causing any detectable brain effect or buzz. Thus, CBD skincare products bring a natural high to the skin on the irritated parts. In fact, most CBD skin care products like skin cream and skin balm sooth the achy spots while helping with skin issues like eczema. There are also CBD skincare products that help with acne and aging signs.

Scientists attribute the effectiveness of CBD skincare products to the ability of CBD to increase blood flow while enhancing nerve sensation. This explains why some people have reported positive effects after using these products to ease pelvic pain and cramping. 



CBD in capsule form is perhaps the best way to take it if you don’t like the taste of CBD oil.

Furthermore, by choosing CBD pills, you eliminate the worry when it comes to accurate dosing. Each capsule we sell has a very clear amount of CBD, ranging from 25mg-100mg per gel cap.

Three different CBD capsules with varying CBD quantities per cap.   We offer Full Spectrum CBD gel caps, Broad Spectrum CBD gel capsules, as well as a 100mg Pure CBD isolate powder packed CBD capsules.

Cannabidiol Life’s Award Winning CBD Gel Capsules are extracted from the highest quality industrial hemp in Colorado. Each capsule contains:

  • 25 mg (+/- 1mg) of active phytocannabinoids
  • Whole plant source provides higher comparative cannabinoid percentages (CBD, CBG, CBN, CBC).
  • Federally compliant to less than 0.3% THC per serving
  • HPMC (capsule) derived from vegetable cellulose

Cannabidiol Life’s CBD Isolate Capsules are extracted using premium quality industrial hemp from Colorado. Each capsule contains:

  • 25 mg (+/- 1mg) of active phytocannabinoids
  • Whole plant source provides higher comparative cannabinoid percentages (CBD, CBG, CBN, CBC).
  • 0% THC per serving
  • HPMC (capsule) derived from vegetable cellulose


Cannabidiol Life’s CBD Isolate Capsules are extracted using premium quality industrial hemp from Colorado. Each capsule contains:

  • 100 mg (+/- 1mg) of active cannabidiol
  • Pure CBD isolated, no other cannabinoids
  • 0% THC per serving


CBD pre-rolled joints are made of fresh, ground up buds- never shake.

The hemp presents a calming experience. Perfect for when you need a break, are feeling anxious or are getting ready to sleep.

Our hemp derived CBD Pre Rolls are made from the Elektra Hemp Cultivar (hemp strain).


  • Half gram CBD Pre Rolls
  • Rolled with the highly sought after RAW Organic Hemp Paper/Cones
  • CBD-Rich Hemp Cultivar: Elektra
  • Contains less than 0.3% Delta 9 THC


Experience The Difference

With such a wide variety of CBD pens for sale, it can be difficult to chose the one that’s best for you, but worry not. At Cannabidiol Life we’ve curated a collection of the best CBD vape pens, CBD dab pens, & CBD concentrate pens available, all listed for below for your convenience.


Vaping is a great way to consume CBD oil. You can enjoy the hemp without worrying about carbon monoxide, tar or other harsh chemicals in your smoke. The vaporizers in the pen heats up the oil without burning. This sleek and discreet pen evenly distributes the vape oil and doesn’t destroy it like other pens can. Be careful not to mistake it for your writing pen though, ;).


  • Enjoy as an e-liquid by inhaling 1-2 times and holding in each inhalation for several seconds
  • You can repeat these steps 1-4 times every other hour


  • This product contains less than 0.3% THC
  • This CBD vape oil pen collection offers 12 flavors to choose from
  • These are pre-filled and “ready to vape”
  • An amazing option for quick, on-the-go adults as well as for CBD beginners
  • Rechargeable

Cannabidiol Life CBD Vape Pens are the highest quality we have found for unbeatable prices.

  • Rechargeable
  • Micro USB Charging Port
  • These are NOT pre-filled pens
  • Does NOT come with standard USB cord


2x Apple Ice, Blueberry Yum Yum, Chocolate Mousse, Cucumber Watermelon, Fruit Punch, Guava, Lemon Meringue Pie, Pineapple Fresca, Snickerdoodle, Strawberries & Cream, Vanilla Ice Cream, Watermelon Ice Balls



One-Stop-Shop For Cannabidiol (CBD) Oil

If every CBD company claims to have the “best CBD oil”, how is one supposed to choose? 

We’d like to make your life better, both in quality as well as your CBD oil shopping experience.  That’s why we offer a 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE


Cannabidiol Life’s premium CBD oil collection manufactured using a U.S. Patented Extraction Method. 


  • Excellent option for first time CBD users wanting to try a high potency CBD oil, without being forced to purchase a full 1oz bottle
  • 0.5mL per serving offering 25mg of CBD Per Serving
  • 10 Servings Per Bottle (5mL Bottle)
  • Whole plant hemp oil extract (commonly referred to as “full spectrum”)
  • Formulated to be sublingual (applied under the tongue)
  • Click here to view our strongest CBD oil


Cannabidiol Life’s premium CBD oil collection manufactured using a U.S. Patented Extraction Method. 


  • 750mg of CBD Per Bottle
  • Serving Size: 25mg = 0.5mL
  • Comes in a 15mL / 0.5oz bottle
  • Formulated for sublingual consumption (applied under the tongue)
  • “Entourage Effect” (full spectrum CBD-rich hemp oil extract)
  • Watch the CBD REVIEWS for this product.


Experience The Difference

Whether you’re a Cannabidiol novice or a hemp guru, your CBD isolate experience should never be a negative one. CBD isolate is often referred to as CBD powder and sometimes confused with CBD crystals, but either way it’s very easy to work with, and simple to add to your meals for a daily CBD boost.


 $22.95 – $184.95

 Cannabidiol Life’s CBD Isolate is extracted from premium quality industrial hemp grown in Colorado. Each capsule contains:

  • Pure CBD isolated, 99%+
  • 0% THC
  • Versatility; make your own products at home from oils to edibles
  • 3 different sizes: 1gram, 5grams, & 10grams).


Cannabidiol Life edibles are a delicious, CBD-infused snack option, with a health & wellness kick. Our CBD edibles are combined with the highest-quality premium hemp extract to offer you the best CBD gummies, candies, caramels & chocolate bites money can buy. Try our vegan and vegetarian options today, and see just how sweet your health can be!

Dr. Joseph Rosado

Medical Marijuana Doctor & Medical Director at Cannabidiol Life

“For some reason, every single time I hear the word “edibles”, I immediately think of all the infamously funny videos on Youtube and Facebook of people eating way too many weed brownies; which we don’t sell… don’t get any ideas. 

While comical as they are, it’s clear the individuals took way more THC than they were suppose to.  But hey, do you want know something?  Everyone of them survived!!!

Cannabis, marijuana, and hemp are NOT lethal. Yet, we have verified deaths for prescriptions drugs that are still be prescribed to this day. 

We can do better…



Cannabidiol Life’s CBD Chocolate Edibles are produced using premium quality whole plant industrial hemp from Colorado.


  • 15mg of CBD per piece
  • 100% All Natural
  • Gluten Free
  • Non-GMO ingredients



Cannabidiol Life’s CBD Caramel Chews are produced using premium quality whole plant industrial hemp from Colorado. Features:

  • 15mg of CBD per piece
  • 100% All Natural
  • Gluten Free
  • Non-GMO ingredients


        $17.99 – $74.99

Cannabidiol Life’s CBD Gummy Bears use premium quality industrial hemp isolate produced in Colorado. Each Gummy contains:

  • 25 mg of CBD per piece
  • 0% THC
  • 3 Size Options:  10 Count, 30 Count, & 60 Count
  • Flavors of cherry, pineapple, apple, orange, lemon





CBD vape oil refers to concentrated Cannabidiol oil in liquid form that is heated and inhaled via a vape pen, a vaporizer, or an E-cigarette. This oil is generally bought in a bottle and used to refill a vaporizer. It can also be purchased in form of a one-time use cartridge for a vape pen.

CBD e liquid is an ideal option for you if you are concerned about drug testing or inhaling too much THC.

Why you ask?

Simply because CBD is non-physchoactive.  It does not contain THC nor does it cause the high that’s associated with it.

CBD Vape Oil by Cannabidiol Life


Based on the reviews of consumers, CBD vape oil has fewer effects as compared to the other administration methods of CBD such as CBD pills, concentrates, and CBD gummies. It does not have drawbacks that are associated with oral ingestion of cannabinoids, vaporizing, and smoking. These include delayed effects and inconsistent absorption.

Vaping CBD oil is not addictive and it does not cause the high feeling effect. Additionally, there are no red eyes, cottonmouth, paranoia, or munchies.

A Bottle of CBD Vape Oil


When buying CBD oil for vaping, it’s important that you consider the total milligrams in the cartridge or bottle.

Generally, these milligrams range between 25mg and 300mg and it’s unlikely that you will consume an entire cartridge or bottle within 1 or 2 days. Most people use a bottle or cartridge within 4 to 14 days though this depends on the consumption frequency of an individual.

A high amount of CBD is required during the early stages because the body tends to absorb more CBD. However, since CBD takes time to get out of the body, less quantity will be required over time.

Today, there are many companies that claim to produce the best, the safest, and the cleanest Cannabidiol vape oil. However, since there is no extensive testing for CBD vape oil, identifying the best Cannabidiol vape oil to purchase is not easy.

Therefore, to make an informed decision, read reviews about different CBD vape brands first. Pick the CBD vape brand with the most positive reviews.


Vaping Cannabidiol oil is among the most preferred methods for easing various symptoms. The effectiveness of Cannabidiol in improving the symptoms of any specific condition is yet to be proven scientifically and many trials are currently in the pre-clinical stage.

At the current stage based on past research and studies, CBD has shown potential in providing various wellness benefits, but it must not be considered a cure for any severe condition or condition.

As such, it’s highly recommended that you talk to your doctor before changing your diet and estimating your daily CBD dosage on your own.  However, you can vape Cannabidiol hemp oil as often as you desire as vaping hemp extracted CBD oil is legal in all 50 states and it will not get you high (if it doesn’t have THC in it).


Over the recent past, there have been concerns about the possible dangers of propylene glycol inhalation. This chemical is extremely common to use as it holds the flavors better than any other ingredient found to date.

We feel that we can provide better flavors for our customers when incorporating this ingredient and since the FDA considers propylene glycol safe when inhaled, we have elected to use it.  

Because of the above decision and about 1 year of flavor forumulations, we now offer 17 delicious flavors that will leave you happy and relaxed.  With perfected vape juice flavors and our premium hemp extracts, we strong believe that we offer the best CBD vape oil in the nation.

CBD Vape Oil: Mellow Banana – Cannabidiol Life



Contrary to popular belief, CBD dabs are not a CBD product, but a description of one of the many ways to inhale the wellness benefits of Cannabidiol.

“Dabbing” basically means, “smoking in short, strong bursts (hits) of smaller, more concentrated hemp extracts.”


Our CBD Shatter is manufactured in Colorado and the industrial

hemp itself is grown on certified organic farm land.


  • Pure CBD Isolate + Terpenes For Tastier Ride To Wellness
  • Four Terpene (flavor) Profiles available
  • Since we are not extraction for a full spectrum hemp oil, we used C02 Supercritical Extraction to obtain this product.
  • Available in 1/4 Gram or 1 Gram sizing

MG: Available on 250mg 1,000mg
Terpene (Flavor): Blueberry, OGG.S.C. Pineapple Express, StrawNana

CBD DAB PEN $14.99




Cannabidiol Life’s CBD Starter Kit is the perfect Daily Wellness CBD bundle to be able to have enough CBD for a weeks worth of servings.  If you’ve never tried CBD before, this is by far the best option.   We want to SAVE you both time and money during your journey in finding the CBD product that works best for you.

Three different products in one super convenient bundle. Our Daily Wellness CBD Starter Kit includes:

  • Full Spectrum CBD Oil: One 250mg CBD oil tincture in a 5mL bottle
  • Hempful CBD Gummy BearsTen Count @ 25mg a piece = 250mg of CBD per package
  • Full Spectrum CBD Gel CapsFive Count @ 25mg a piece = 125mg of CBD per container