CBD Vape Oil


CBD vape oil refers to concentrated Cannabidiol oil in liquid form that is heated and inhaled via a vape pen, a vaporizer, or an E-cigarette. This oil is generally bought in a bottle and used to refill a vaporizer. It can also be purchased in form of a one-time use cartridge for a vape pen.

CBD e liquid is an ideal option for you if you are concerned about drug testing or inhaling too much THC.

Why you ask?

Simply because CBD is non-physchoactive.  It does not contain THC nor does it cause the high that’s associated with it.

CBD Vape Oil by Cannabidiol Life


Based on the reviews of consumers, CBD vape oil has fewer effects as compared to the other administration methods of CBD such as CBD pills, concentrates, and CBD gummies. It does not have drawbacks that are associated with oral ingestion of cannabinoids, vaporizing, and smoking. These include delayed effects and inconsistent absorption.

Vaping CBD oil is not addictive and it does not cause the high feeling effect. Additionally, there are no red eyes, cottonmouth, paranoia, or munchies.

A Bottle of CBD Vape Oil


When buying CBD oil for vaping, it’s important that you consider the total milligrams in the cartridge or bottle.

Generally, these milligrams range between 25mg and 300mg and it’s unlikely that you will consume an entire cartridge or bottle within 1 or 2 days. Most people use a bottle or cartridge within 4 to 14 days though this depends on the consumption frequency of an individual.

A high amount of CBD is required during the early stages because the body tends to absorb more CBD. However, since CBD takes time to get out of the body, less quantity will be required over time.

Today, there are many companies that claim to produce the best, the safest, and the cleanest Cannabidiol vape oil. However, since there is no extensive testing for CBD vape oil, identifying the best Cannabidiol vape oil to purchase is not easy.

Therefore, to make an informed decision, read reviews about different CBD vape brands first. Pick the CBD vape brand with the most positive reviews.


Vaping Cannabidiol oil is among the most preferred methods for easing various symptoms. The effectiveness of Cannabidiol in improving the symptoms of any specific condition is yet to be proven scientifically and many trials are currently in the pre-clinical stage.

At the current stage based on past research and studies, CBD has shown potential in providing various wellness benefits, but it must not be considered a cure for any severe condition or condition.

As such, it’s highly recommended that you talk to your doctor before changing your diet and estimating your daily CBD dosage on your own.  However, you can vape Cannabidiol hemp oil as often as you desire as vaping hemp extracted CBD oil is legal in all 50 states and it will not get you high (if it doesn’t have THC in it).


Over the recent past, there have been concerns about the possible dangers of propylene glycol inhalation. This chemical is extremely common to use as it holds the flavors better than any other ingredient found to date.

We feel that we can provide better flavors for our customers when incorporating this ingredient and since the FDA considers propylene glycol safe when inhaled, we have elected to use it.  

Because of the above decision and about 1 year of flavor forumulations, we now offer 17 delicious flavors that will leave you happy and relaxed.  With perfected vape juice flavors and our premium hemp extracts, we strong believe that we offer the best CBD vape oil in the nation.

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